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To design sustainable, accessible and affordable food programs that deliver fresh, nutritious and culturally-appropriate meals to the most vulnerable populations facing food insecurity, especially children & youth and seniors. 


To build a strong, resilient and sustainable food ecosystem that ensures equitable access and improves the health outcomes for everyone in Ottawa.

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Board of Directors


Abhijit Potdar​

Founder and Director


Anupama Potdar

Co- Founder and Director

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Leo Doyle


Leo Blaise Doyle is a retired federal public service executive and graduate of St Francis Xavier University and Carleton University. His public service career spanned more than 30 years and included over 5 years working on food security issues in isolated northern and Indigenous communities. That experience, and deep engagement in Ottawa youth basketball, inform his understanding of urban food security issues and the vulnerability of marginalized communities. His not-for-profit volunteerism is focused on aligning people, resources and experience to service his community at a local level.

Our Team


Karen Secord

Consultant - Communications and Development

Karen is a long-time social activist, changemaker, community developer and leader. For much of her life she has been dedicated to asking bold questions, employing her natural curiosity to inspire and innovate, and testing solutions geared towards better social outcomes. From childcare in rural communities to the role sport plays in mental health, the “social prescribing” of food and creation of youth entrepreneurial programming to encourage leadership in marginalized communities; Karen has always believed in the power of community to tackle complex social problems.

For over a decade, while forging a new path for the Parkdale Food Centre (PFC) in Ottawa, Karen had the great privilege to blend vision with courage, and instinct with compassion, creating strategic alliances and unlocking cross-sectoral solutions. It was important work that helped to change the way people thought, behaved and participated; together we learned about inequity and explored the deep seated impacts of poverty.

You can reach Karen at karen@nutritionblocs.org


Nutrition Blocs is supported by a team of dedicated volunteers who deeply care about their community and are concerned about the food inequities and insecurities faced by so many of our neighbours and friends. If you like to join our team of volunteers, please contact us

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